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  • Bracelet - BM15
    Exclusive Flower shaped pieces setting in the bracelet with high quality gold polish. ..
  • Bracelet - BM16
    Bracelet with large blue natural stone with american diamond setting in the corners. High quality go..
  • Bracelet - BNB2252
    AAA quality american diamond bracelet with huge pear in the centre giving it a unique em..
  • Bracelet - BNB2253
    sleek and elegant bracelet with solitaire american diamonds. ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2278
    exclusively designed bracelet with flower design in d center in closed american diamond ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2279
    unique bracelet with big white onyx stone  surrounded by ad stone of high quality i..
  • Bracelet - BNB2280
    AAA qualityamerican diamond sleek and elegant bracelet fit for all hands. ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2281
    delicate bracelet for women with a big solitaire in the center surrounded by small solit..
  • Bracelet - BNB2282
    sleek american diamond  solitaire chain bracelet in big and small stones. ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2283
    sleek and elegant solitaire american diamond stone chain bracelet. ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2284
    traditional gold and polki chain linked  bracelet with antique look ..
  • Bracelet - BNB2285
    dull gold handcuffs with extraordinary flower arrangment in ad in antique settin and pea..
  • Bracelet - BNB2361
    sleek and elegant triple line  high quality AD STONES  bracelet with..
  • Bracelet - SBB2435
    openable bracelet in alloy metal in silver and gold polish fit for both regula..
  • Bracelet - SBB2436
    openable bracelet in alloy metal in silver and gold polishwith detaling in bla..